Thomas W. Gallant

Nicholas Family Endowed Chair

Modern Greek History and Archaeology

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Museums and Historical Sites:

Student card for free entrance to all archaeological museums and sites in Greece

Tzitsarakis Mosque Ceramics Museum
Fetihe Mosque & Grain Market
Ottoman Baths of the Winds Museum
Benaki Museum
Center for the Study of Modern Ceramics
National History Museum
The Acropolis, Museum of Greek Folk Art
Nekrotapheion A
City of Athens Museum
Poulopoulos Hat Factory/Cultural Museum
Metaxourgeion Neighborhood Walking Tour
Eleftherios Venizelos Museum

Excursion to Peloponnisos:

Folklore Museum of Nafplion
Nafplion War Museum
Open Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana
Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil Sparti

Excursion to Volos/Thessaly:

City of Volos Museum
Tsalapata Brick Works Museum
Historical railroad ride
Pelion Olive Museum
The Folk Museum of Makrinitsa (Topalis House)
Ambeli Folk & Industry Museum

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UC San Diego, Center for Hellenic Studies

Summer History and Archaeology Workshop in Greece

Theme: Making Modern Greek: State-Formation, Nation-Building and Social Change during the Long Nineteenth Century.