Thomas W. Gallant

Nicholas Family Endowed Chair

Modern Greek History and Archaeology

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In 2014 UC San Diego’s Division of Arts and Humanities, with the help of a million-dollar gift from an anonymous donor, launched an academic Center for Hellenic Studies to advance scholarship on the history, literature, archaeology, and culture of the Ancient, Byzantine, and Modern Greek worlds, and to support the initiatives of scholars working in each of these fields. Through
theevents it sponsors, its visiting scholars program, the partnership network it has created, and the research collections it has developed, the Center is uniquely committed to the support of scholarship on the Greek world that reaches across traditional geographic and temporal boundaries to give the fullest possible sense of the Greek experience.

The Center for Hellenic Studies is anchored by three endowed faculty chairs in Ancient, Byzantine, and Modern Greek history, located in UC San Diego’s History Department.
These chairsare: the Gerry and Jeannie Ranglas Chair in Ancient Greek History, established in 2005; the Alkiviadis Vassiliadis Chair in Byzantine Greek History, established in 2005; and the Nicholas Family Endowed Chair in Modern Greek History, established in 2008. The chairs were endowed thanks to generous contributions, including from the Hellenic Cultural Society and the local Greek community. UC San Diego is one of the first campuses in North America to have teaching and research positions for distinguished scholars in all three major Greek eras.Type your paragraph here.


The Center for Hellenic Studies at UC San Diego offers a unique way to examine the history, culture and physical remains of over 3,000 years of Greek history. The Center is a modern forum where local and international faculty, researchers and students can collaborate and study the Hellenic world.